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Tips, Tricks, and Tidbits: What You Need to Know When Moving

Moving can be stressful. Let's be honest—it often is. Fortunately, when you do a little pre-planning, you can head off the biggest stressors so you can get from Point A to Point B in one piece. What do you need to know? Here's a quick checklist of things to keep in mind when you're planning your next move:

1. Get Rid of Everything You Don't Need

Before you pack a single box, purge anything and everything you don't need, can't fit into, and haven't used in a long time. Between the recycling bin, trash pile, and charities that accept donations, you'll be able to lighten your load and make the unpacking process less painful. Do this for every aspect of your home, from the kitchen to bathroom and, of course, the bedroom. Donate clothes, dishes, appliances, and unused toiletries that you know you'll never use. You can also have a neighborhood sale or sell items online, but be prepared to donate anything that doesn't sell so it doesn't come with you in the long run.

2. Pack as Far in Advance as Possible

From the moment you know you're going to be moving, you should start putting things into boxes. If it's summer, you can get your winter clothes ready to go. If you have good dishes that only come out for special occasions, pack those away. The more you can pack ahead of time, the less stress you'll feel when the clock starts counting down.

3. Hire Your Movers Early

A great mover can be hard to come by, which is why it's important to book early. Companies with stellar reputations often book up far in advance. This is also true for painters, house cleaners, and any other professional you might be planning to use during your move. Get your ducks in a row as early as possible to secure reputable vendors who can help take the stress out of the situation.

4. Consider Using a Storage Facility

Renting a storage facility can help reduce a lot of stress. As you box and bag your belongings, you can take them to your storage room, where they'll be ready to go when the movers arrive. This makes it easy to pack a little bit here and there while getting everything cleaned out of your current place. The cost of the storage facility will pay for itself, once you realize the amount of stress you didn't have to endure in the weeks leading up to the big moving day.

5. Stock Up on Supplies

You'll probably need more boxes and packing supplies than you realize. It's okay to go a little overboard because you can always donate any leftovers to someone else who's moving, but you'll be frustrated if you find out you've fallen short with your supply order. It's always better to be over-prepared. At, we believe in making your move easier. From move service providers to ideas that'll help you declutter before you pack, we've got you covered. If you're on the lookout for great movers who can help you, get your free moving quote from us today!

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